Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2013 Senior Portrait Model Search

We are looking for energetic members of the Class of 2013 to join our Spokes Model Program. Positive Images Spokes Models receive a FREE photo session and the opportunity to earn Free Graduation Photographs simply by referring their friends and  classmates to Positive Images for their Senior Portraits Sessions.
Our Spokes Models's pictures are incorporated into our Senior Portrait marketing on Facebook, Twitter, direct mail and even on YouTube.  Here is a video of  2012 Positive Images Spokes Model, Shamari. We think she did a great job!

Chris's Senior Portrait Session Shows His Love of Baseball
Our Spokes Models are even featured on this Blog.  Here is a post all about 2011 Spokes Model, Chris and his start at Howard University.
2012 Senior Portrait Model Card
Each member of our senior portrait model team will receive their own set of model cards to pass out to their senior class friends, and share on their Facebook and Twitter profiles. The one above is from 2012 Spokes Model, Deloris. She did a great job illustrating how much variety is possible in a senior portrait session at Positive Images.

We depend on our Spokes Models to help us test new sets, props and senior portrait locations. We need their feedback on new products, marketing ideas and special Senior Year Events. The most important job our Senior Portrait Models do is let their friends know that they have a choice when selecting the photography studio to create their graduation portraits.  Even if your school requires you to be photographed by a large impersonal corporation for your yearbook mugshot....you have a choice in selecting the artist to create the senior portraits that you will give to your friends and family.

If you are someone you know in the Class of 2013 is interested in modeling for Positive Images have them fill out this Application

 Check out our 2012 Senior Page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Positive2012Senior/app_208412272531040

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Picture This: A Pastel Family Portrait at the Beach

This is the time of year that makes me think of soft light airy pastel colors. These delicate tones work extremely well in a beach environment. Planning a family portrait at one of the many beautiful beaches available in the San Francisco Bay Area is one of the best ways we can appreciate this incredible part of the world that we are blessed to live in.
What To Wear: Family Portrait at the Beach
What To Wear: Family Portrait at The Beach

I enjoy designing unique art pieces for my clients to display on their walls. Often they are created in a very story telling way...just a glimpse of a moment when a family is sharing time together.  It is not necessary for every portrait to include each pair of eyes and all of the teeth that exist in your family.  Perhaps your favorite portrait is done in a manner that is completely unaware that a camera is present. The Grant Family Portrait, on a Golden Hayward California hillside in our recent Holiday Family Portrait Blog post is a lovely example.

Think peaceful, think serene....think Watercolor Painting at seaside.  Wouldn't it be bliss to have that image hanging in your home on stressful days?  A gentle reminder of just how wonderful quality time with family can be.  Life really can feel like a day at the beach!

Clothing selection is just one of many elements that we help you plan before scheduling your family portrait session.  Let's schedule a consultation appointment to design the perfect portrait of your family. (510)832-3686.

Our On-Line Gallery is open 24/7 for you to browse at www.positiveimages.biz
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Monday, April 2, 2012

Wondering What to Wear for a Spring Family Portrait in the San Francisco Bay Area?

Wondering What to Wear for a Spring Family Portrait in the San Francisco Bay Area?

What could be better than Sunshine Yellow for your family portrait this Spring.  This time we year we think of  everything new and fresh starts.  Yellow could bring that energy to your family portrait session. Gisele can create your portrait in our studio, your home or through consultation, help you select one of countless scenic locations available in The Bay Area.

Call to schedule a consultation design appointment to discuss details for the perfect family portrait for you! (510)832-3686
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