Thursday, February 2, 2012

Aaliyah's Traditional 2012 Senior Portrait Session: A Bay Area Classic!

Aaliyah has a special connection to Positive Images because she interned here while going to Metwest High School and she is a 2012 spokes model  Aaliyah attends Merrill F. West High School in Tracy, CA.
Aaliyah shines in her glamour boa senior portrait pose!
 After High School she is going straight to a four-year college to major in nursing. The best thing she would say about being a 2012 senior is all the special events that go on at school such as grad night, safe and sober night, prom, and graduation. Aaliyah considers herself half typical teenager and half atypical teenager.

During her free time she enjoys catching up on sleep and going to the mall with her friends. However really loves to read, dance, draw, and crochet. Someday she really hopes to visit Japan and Australia. She wants to visit Japan because she is really shy and interested in their arts and food, and Australia because of the beauty she will see there. Electronics the she can not live without would be her computer to keep in touch with friends and family, to read, to shop and for school work “Could you imagine writing all of your essays by hand? I don’t even want to think about that!” -Aaliyah.
Classic Cap & Gown Graduation Photo

Getting accepted into collage had been her favorite thing so far. She says receiving an acceptance from her dream college Penn State made her heart soar and she almost cried, she felt accomplished. Her favorite music is the Korean pop group 2NE1 and their song ugly.
Casual Senior Photo Pose in Studio
Some good advice she had received is you can only move as fast as who’s in front of you. Never let someone stop from pursuing the dream you want. Her pet peeve is rude people. Her number one goal is to graduate high school because she knows it will be a wonderful feeling.
Check out this video of highlights from her Graduation Portrait Session

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Submitted By: Aneesah Abdel
Intern MetWest High School

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