Friday, September 30, 2011

MetWest High School: A Portrait of Internship Based Learning

PAST MEETS PRESENT!!! Alumni Contribute to Current Students

Last week I had the opportunity of interviewing students from my old high school MetWest for an opportunity to intern at Positive Images and at Student of Social Media. To say I was honored would be an understatement. To think that just 6 years ago I was in that very same position, having an interview with Gisele to become her intern.
LaStarr interviews MetWest students
I started my internship at Positive Images on September 13, 2005, her first ever intern from MetWest. While there I was given tools on how to conduct myself professionally, take initiative, operate in a business and I found my passion for entrepreneurship. I had the opportunity to observe Gisele  as she ran a successful photography business, creating the most fabulous senior portraits I had ever seen. The quality and uniqueness of the portraits she took made me see why she was in such high demand from all over the Bay Area. While interning with Gisele I even had the opportunity to become a student mentor and helped with fellow interns and friends, Nicole Hall and Shannon Chase. Working alongside Gisele, her studio manager Jamie and production manager Veronica, we were all a family.

JoJo will serve as Internship Coordinator this semester
Six years later, I can still feel that family bond. Many of my fellow classmates from MetWest even get that feeling when they are around Gisele. Jovonta McGathon, a fellow class of 2006 graduate had her Senior Portraits done at Positive Images. As an intern, I learned how the entire portrait process and I did all of the final edits on her pictures. Jovonta aka JoJo is special because she has returned to MetWest to help the students as their internship coordinator. She's helping develop students the way we were developed and having gone through the whole process for many years, she knows and understands what it takes in order to have an internship you love.

 Interviewing prospective interns last Thursday was a great experience. I had the opportunity to give back and   encourage young people. Sitting and looking at the students, I saw a little of myself. I was  shy and I had no clue about photography, but once I got to know Gisele and her business I knew it was all a perfect fit. One thing that stands out to me is that Gisele has been one of the few mentors that still remains at MetWest. I am proud to say that I was her first MetWest intern.

Gisele & 2010-11 Intern, Dion
The 2010-2011 MetWest Intern for Positive Images was Dion.  Dion contributed to Positive Images in many ways last year. One of her early contributions were articles written for this blog!  Review the archieves to learn about the day Dion meet the Mayor of Oakland during a day with Positive Images.  She planned and hosted a very sucessful open house for the Class of 2011 and coordinated the 2012 Spokes Model Program.
Check out this video of Dion and Gisele on the Television Program, KDOL Community Spotlight, hosted by Ms. Shonda Scott.

Spotlight Internships from kdol360 on Vimeo.

Gisele participated in the 2011 Internship fair to begin meeting prospective interns for the 2011-12 Academic year. Additionally, several students have visited Positive Images for informational interviews and Shadow Days.

Gisele interviews candidates at MetWest Internship Fair

Stay Tuned to find out which MetWest Student will join the Positive Images Team this year...

By: LaStarr Moore
Social Media Manager
Student of Social Media

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