Saturday, June 4, 2011

Personalized Senior Portraits for Oakland & Bay Area Graduates

What's Your Story?

By definition, a portrait should tell the story of the subject to the viewer. Our Consultation Design process helps Gisele get to know you better and focus on ways to personalize your portrait. Recently, Moreau High school senior, Urayah placed her unique stamp on her graduation photos by bringing her collection of shoes and purses to the studio. She understood that "activities" are not limited to things that schools hand out uniforms for.  At Positive Images, we want you to document the things that define decide, not us.

Urayah also took traditional classic graduation portraits in cap and gown and feather boa.

Because she is very active in her school's African American Student Union, Urayah also brought her student life shirt, art, mug and the program book from the Martin Luther King Jr. program that she directed.

What senior year is complete with out a killer prom dress? And as you can tell, Urayah was slammin' in her Jessia Mclintock design in an iridescent teal green.  To top it off her Senior Portrait session at Lake Merrit in Oakland was during the week when the trees around the lake were in full pink bloom.

How will you personalize your Graduation Portrait at Oakland's Positive Images Photography? Call for a free consultation appointment and lets figure it out together (510)832-3686. Our Online Gallery

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