Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Experiences

Dion with make-up artist before interview

Dion with Ms. Scott
January 14th was a day full of new experiences. I was able to join Gisele on KDOL's Community Spotlight for a television interview based on the internship program provided through my school, Metwest high school. We were interviewed by Shonda Scott, CEO of public relations firm, 360 Total Concept, LLC. Shonda is also the executive producer and OAL Great Moments and also for KDOL Community Spotlight. With her many contributions to the Oakland community, Shonda Scott was recognized by a full City of Oakland Council Resolution in 2007. If these accomplishments weren't enough, Ms. Scott is now pursuing an MBA at Holy Names University.

Mayor Quan
 This interview was a good experience because it was my first time being on tv. I was also able to experience my first time getting my make up done, and even my first time meeting our new mayor, Jean Quan. The first Asian- American mayor of Oakland, California. Although my meeting with her was short and sweet, I am really thankful to have met our first female mayor. I was also able to meet a newly elected member on the City Council, Libby Schaaf. I was really excited after meeting her and Jean Quan because I was surrounded by a variety of women who have been successful in their careers.

I enjoyed the interview on KDOL television because I was able to talk about something that has been making a difference in my community: Metwest High schools' internship program. Being able to talk about the internship program to someone who doesn't know it as well was really interesting for me because I had to really think of how to explain why my school lets their students go out into the community on their own every Tuesday and Thursday to get real world experience. This was my first time being asked how I felt about the internship process and I enjoyed giving my personal opinions. My day was full of excitement and new experiences thanks to Gisele.

To get more information on Shonda Scott and what she does, go to http://www.360tcpr.com/
For more information on KDOL Television, go to http://www.kdol.org or http://www.ousd.k12.ca.us