Sunday, July 27, 2014

How To Use Social Media To Market Your Business

This year marks the 25th anniversary of my launching Positive Images Photography. Over the past quarter of a century I have had to master many tasks as a solo-preneur, but the one that is a constantly moving & evolving target is the beast named "Social Media". Although Social Media has only been on my task list for about 5 or 6 years, it has really demanded the most energy to understand. And to add insult to injury, it seems that just as I think I understand a platform.....WHAMO, a new kid comes around the block and I have to figure out if it is worth the effort to learn how to use it.

I feel really comfortable with Facebook and have made good use of both my personal profile and my business Facebook Page. One not so new platform that I have somehow avoided (despite knowing I need to hop on board) is LinkedIn. Setting up and optimizing my LinkedIn profile has just continued to get pushed down my task list.Fortunately for me, The Social Politician, Kevin L. Nichols, is coming to Positive Images on Wednesday July 30th at 6pm. In addition to giving attendees a basic overview of LinkedIn, Kevin will also cover Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter. If you wish to learn how to use these platforms for branding and marketing, this is the workshop for you.

If you decide to join us, I will give you a complementary executive photo session and a linked in optimized version of your favorite pose. (Retail Value: $99)

Early Bird Tickets are $25 and General Admission is $35

Please purchase tickets here and space is limited.

I'm looking forward to finally taking the dive into the world of LinkedIn, I hope you can join us and get a handle on your own social media brand and marketing strategy.

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Family Portraits at Lake Merritt are Bay Area Casual

Oakland California is one of the most beautiful cities in the Bay Area. One of it's most distinctive features is a lake in the middle of town. Lake Merritt is a scenic jewel in the center of an urban landscape. I am very fortunate to have it directly at the front door of my studio. That makes it very convenient for me to schedule family portrait sessions there, but honestly I booked sessions there even before I relocated the studio to Grand Ave. It is worth the drive for many reasons.
Family portrait of 3 in Lake Merritt Tree

There are plenty of unique trees that make great posing aids for family portraits all around the Lake Merritt. One day I will research the type of trees that stud the shores of the lake. While I don't know their name, I do know that they grow into some really interesting unusual shapes.  There are lovely grassy knolls and in the Spring time, beds of wild daisies and trees dripping with cherry blossoms. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the flocks of wild geese that will meander through your portrait background!

The grass and ivy covered trees set the mood for posing families in cuddly poses that showcase intimacy and relationship.If a casual photograph of your family is what you are craving, Lake Merritt offers many possibilities.
Siblings portrait in front of ivy
A family portrait session is a great time to update individual photographs of your children. Their unique personalities are far more likely to shine bright at a relaxed family portrait session than during a hurried school picture day opportunity. Your kid isn't cookie cutter, so don't settle for assembly line school photos.

Enjoy more images from this family photo session in this video
A professional family portrait is one of the most meaningful gifts you can give.  After all, when all is said and done, the only thing that really matters is family. There is still time to get on our 2013 schedule call today to schedule your consultation appointment (510)832-3686.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Deer Valley High Senior Alexus' Fabulous Senior Portrait Session

Put a little fabulous into your senior portraits!!

Positive Images 2013 Spokes Model Alexus surely knows how to make a portrait session her own. She brought a variety of clothing changes, her enthusiasm and accompanied it all with an award winning smile as well as excitement for her senior year. 

Alexus attends Deer Valley High School in Antioch California. She plans to attend Southern Methodist University in Dallas Texas after graduation. While on her final journey in high school, she is enjoying life as a senior. She states that, "the best thing about being a senior is having the freedom to basically do whatever you want." Alexus has two classes during this final year of high school which allows her more time in the day to spend with her friends and concentrate on research projects. Alexus' short school schedule has also allowed her to spend more quality time with her family and enables her to volunteer at the local Kaiser.

Like most high school seniors, Alexus has already decided on what career she would love to have. This fabulous senior aspires to be a sports medicine doctor for professional basketball and/or football players. The Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat had better keep an eye out for Miss Alexus. We here at Positive Images see great things ahead for her.

The "City of Lights", Paris, is a dream for Alexus as well. Paris, along with diamonds, is a girls best friend and Alexus plans to make a visit there in the near future.

While planning her post high school events, trips and goals, Alexus is simply enjoying life as a senior. The highlight of senior year for her so far has been Senior Night at her school’s football game. I imagine that list will continue to expand as the months progress with prom, grad night and graduation.

During her Senior Portrait session here at Positive Images, Alexus talked about her excitement for her last year of school and how taking portraits at this particular studio helped in making her experience more enjoyable. She commented on how her portraits really reflected who she was. She also explained how natural everything felt, all the more to make you not only look fabulous, but feel fabulous during an important portrait session.
As Gisele, the photographer and studio owner conducted the senior portrait session, we learned more about Alexus and who she was. For starters, her favorite musical artist is Common and her favorite song is "I Used to Love Her." Her celebrity crush is "The Best Man" and "The Call" actor Morris Chestnut. Kudos! Like everyone else, she has her pet peeves, one in which I can relate to; tardiness. She dislikes when people are extremely late and that shows her determination to make a good impression and be on time. When asked about one thing she would change in the world she stated that it was cancer, showing compassion for those who struggle with the illness.

Alexus' compassion, determination, goodwill, great taste and laid back personality helped make her portrait session a success and will take her far post high school. She stated that her "number one goal this year is to go to college" and have the time of her life. By keeping her own words to "keep it moving" in mind, she will succeed.

Positive Images and its entire staff appreciate Alexus for allowing us to be a part of her senior year and we are proud to say she took fabulous and put it into her senior portraits. 

By: LaStarr Moore

Social Media Manager
Positive Image Special Offers

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Time To Update Your Business Head Shot

January is the traditional time for setting new goal for your personal, spiritual and business life. An opportunity to take inventory of what worked, what didn't and how to make improvements. Is your Business Headshot, Facebook Profile Picture, speaking the marketing message you wish to send in 2013? Even President Barack Obama updated is official Executive Portrait this month! How about you?  
Update Your Business Headshot. The POTUS Did!

We are beginning the 1st quarter of a brand new year in an era where first impressions are often made screen to screen instead of face to face.  Now more than ever, the image that your Profile Picture on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and your own website and blog portray impacts how potential clients perceive you.  Image is imperative and your professional image should be by design....not happenstance.  Consider your power colors, favorite hairstyle or cut, flattering lighting and correct posing.
Update Your Entire Staff's Social Media Profile Pictures

Positive Images is making it very simple for you to update your Executive Portrait for the next few weeks.  Schedule your appointment to update your Business Headshot with Gisele before February 23rd and take advantage of an excellent value.
Outdoor Executive Portraits in Natural Light Feel Contemporary

$99 Executive Portrait Special
Phone Consultation & Planning Appointment
Executive Portrait Session (in one or two outfits) 
Password Protected Online Proofing
Basic Retouching of your favorite pose (softening/removal of eyebags and minor blemishes)
Digital Negative of completed pose.  High resolution version for printed materials such as business cards, brochures. PLUS a low resolution web friendly version for your website and social media.
Book now for just $99. (Full Retail: $235)
Executive Portrait Oakland Mayor Jean Quan
Call to schedule at (510)832-3686. We see clients Tuesday-Saturday by appointment. You can view more examples of our work in our Executive Portrait Gallery.  We also create Professional Headshots for Performers.   Click the previous link to learn about an update we did for a client in the dance community.

Classic Studio Lighting for Business Head Shot

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Book Your Family Portrait While On Vacation In The San Francisco Bay Area

When you are making travel arrangements to vacation in The San Francisco Bay Area, don't forget to book your portrait session.  The Bay Area offers many extremely unique locations for scenic portrait sessions. Beach portraits in San Francisco and Half Moon Bay, Lake Merrit in Oakland, China Camp in Marin, The Oakland Rose Garden, The Pulgas Water Temple in Redwood City.......The Bay Area is abundant in beautiful locations.
A Foggy Day For A Family Portrait at China Beach
Nicole contacted me several months before her scheduled family trip to San Francisco. We then planned out location and clothing for her family portrait. We decided on China Beach for it's backdrop of the Golden Gate Bridge. Unfortunately, we could not schedule the sun to come out for her that day.  When Nicole's family picture day at the beach arrived, the fog was sooooooo thick we needed windshield wipers!
I was worried that my East Coast clients would panic about the less than beachy weather....but they were real troopers. Nicole even took her shoes off!.  After awhile we were just having a great time documenting family time at the beach during the session. After all....what could be a more appropriate than a foggy day in San Francisco?
Contact us an we will design the perfect tribute to your Bay Area Vacation. (510)832-3686. Check our on-line Portrait Gallery for examples of family portraits. Let's figure out together which part of The San Francisco Bay Area you will take home to enjoy forever in a portrait!

Watch this Video to see more of Nicole's Family Portrait.